Pencil Bunch

Building a Relevant & Distinctive Brand Positioning

Create or evolve your brand positioing to be relevant, distinctive and authentic in this step-by-step process


  1. Segment and choose potential consumer target groups that are large enough to generate growth.

  2. Write a detailed profile of your chosen consumer target, outlining their core values in life and the needs & behaviours in your category.

  3. Develop a deep understanding of your consumer's motivations or tensions your brand could solve.

  4. Define your competitive framework beyond your traditional direct competitors to those who solve the same needs, desires or tensions for your brand.

  5. Identify your distinctive position within that competitive framework ie how are you different or better than the rest.

  6. Develop a brand promise and functional & emotional benefit ladder that is meaningful to your target consumers, distinctive to your competitors, and supported by credible reasons to believe.

  7. Define your authentic brand character & ownable identity to drive loyalty & recognition.

  8. Pull it all together into a motivating & engaging brand handbook and then learn how measure your success and brand growth.